Backpacker to Vietnam, Fun and not expensive

Traveling to visit neighboring countries like Viet Nam proved exciting, let alone style backpacker. Besides being able to make friends with the people of Viet Nam, the cost of living in Viet Nam is also not expensive as Indonesia.

The day began brightly. Me and a few other passengers went down briefly in a self-cleaning public toilets that are not far from bus stop.

The air is very cold. All eyes looked at me just look at the misty hills around Laos Immigration. The Immigration Office of Laos began to open.

The bus entered the Immigration officials of Laos and take care of passport-checking passengers. Except me, because in addition to Lao citizens or Viet Nam passengers are required to come in person to the immigration

Once you have a passport, checking all passengers back into the bus to continue your journey to Viet Nam immigration. The distance from Laos to Viet Nam immigration immigration is very close. Less than 5 minutes, the bus arrives at the port city of Viet Nam at the Cau Treo.

Backpacker to Vietnam, Fun and not expensive

All passengers are dropped off back to conduct the Passport checking here. The mood here seems foggy. Visibility is only about 100 metres away.

Once you have a passport, checking all passengers get into the bus and went on a trip to Hanoi. It was raining not so copiously accompany the journey this morning. The bus stop at the resting place for lunch. All passengers are required to go down despite membership lunch.

This is done by bus to anticipate things like losing unwanted goods. In this retreat I don't eat because kehalalannya is not guaranteed. I just eat out of stock I bring during travel.

During the journey to Hanoi, I saw a row of hills, forests, rivers, rice field, and also the lives of residents around the outskirts of Viet Nam that many still use a bicycle as means of transport.

Finally at around 7 pm the bus arrived at the bus terminal of Viet Nam. It means the journey from Vientiane Laos, to Hanoi Viet Nam takes approximately 24 hours.

I immediately headed for the Old Quarter, a place of backpackers stay using my friend Viet Nam shared taxi, Doan Minh Hoam, who also has the same direction toward his home in Hanoi.

Vientiane Laos, to Hanoi Viet Nam takes approximately 24 hours.
By the time the taxi entered the area of the Old Quarter, suddenly I noticed there was a writing Backpackers Hostel. I was down for a bit of a taxi fare to ask the hostel and whether the empty rooms are still available. It turns out that the hostel rates per night just $ 5 or USD 58 thousand, and the remaining few empty places.

I then went back to the taxi to inform my Friend Viet Nam, Hoam, that I already get lodging and stop until here, only while giving currency sheets Viet Nam. But Hoam refuse money from me. An awful lot of good people I met during this trip. I went back to the hostel.

Places I would inhabit this is a dormitory, a room which can inhabit more than one person. After the receptionist tells the room number and give the key to the locker, then I headed to room 03 contained on the 3rd floor.

Dormitory I inhabit has 4 pieces of two-storey bed which could be occupied as many as 8 people. In the dormitory had been occupied by 3 persons backpacker origins Canada and California is 1.

Although the room I live in the form of the dormitory, but the amenities are not inferior to the hotel. Inside the bathroom available selection of hot water and cold.

In addition it also provided free breakfast and free internet facilities that can be used 24 hours. Pretty cheap rates per night are only 5 bucks.

After getting the Inn, then I went out in search of food. Before it came out I asked beforehand to the receptionist about a kosher eating places there are around here.

The receptionist did not know where to eat kosher and can only provide a map of the Old Quarter is big enough that I can use to guide my journey. Then I utilize the internet to find kosher eating places around the site.

After I do a search from Google and meet halal eateries around the Old Quarter, and then I gave that address to the receptionist to indicated where the layout of its existence.

It shows the address that I search using the map he gives last December was tagged with colored markers.

Vietnamesse Tea out of curiosity
After learning the location of the existence of the halal restaurants, I went looking for it on foot. Incidentally it was the night of the week. The old Quarter is an area that is a favorite gathering place youth into Viet Nam.

I ordered nasi Briyani and Vietnamesse Tea out of curiosity as to what it feels like tea Viet Nam. But once I taste the bitter taste is very turned out to be like a drug. Because it does not hold with it tastes very bitter, then I ask for sugar to the waiter.

Finished My dinner back to the Hostel. During this trip home I grope memory with roads so as not to get lost. At the time of the trip went last in fact I've marked some places so that by the time the return journey later doesn't get lost. But the Old Quarter has an awful lot of simpang empat is still makes me stray.

Luckily my ketersesatan not too far away. After looking at the maps and street names that are listed in each store, finally I can get back to the Hostel.

Arriving at the Hostel I met with resepsionisnya to order tickets for one day tour to Halong Bay the next day. I chose the package for $ 20 without the facilities play Kayaking. There are also packages stay at Halong Bay Tour Boat that permalamnya for $ 60.

It turns out that my roommate, Brandon, who came from California also will visit Halong Bay tomorrow by following the same tour agency. The night was getting late. It's time this body shutting down. Can't wait it's like waiting for the next.

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