Natural Beauty Of The Island Of Nusakambangan

Natural Beauty Of The Island Of Nusakambangan Indonesia

The Natural Beauty Of The Island Of Nusakambangan

Who does not know the island of Nusakambangan? * For some people it might sound Reviews Very creepy. The island of Nusakambangan indeed be some places * For dangerous Prisoners. Dipulai initials too few detainees convicted person dead lived, but it turns out that the island of Nusakambangan save the hidden beauty of nature worthy of dikunjunggi. In addition there is a heritage that is a monument of artillery and fortifications (Netherlands Heritage).

Located on the South of the city of Cilacap and separated from the Java Language By Segara Saplings. Administratively included in Cilacap Regency wilâyah. However, the island of Nusakambangan was under the SPECIAL responsibility of the Ministry of Justice and human rights. The potential that is owned by the island of Nusakambangan, among others, of Goa Beach Permisan, Queen, white sand beach.

Segara Beach Chicks

Segara Chicks on the island of Nusakambangan Cilacap Regency wilâyah Back. Segara Chicks is a unique Lagoon on the South coast of Java island ecosystem of mangrove swamps new articles (mangrove) which has the composition and structure of the finest Forests in Java. The various components of the Biological Resources in the form of various types of habitat flora fauna, land and nature betang landscapes The interaction staff training One New Article Before forming a unity of the natural ecosystem.

Segara Saplings are part of the language Of The form an alloy Nusakambangan nature. Segara Saplings And Nusakambangan is a natural tourist attractions is ideal. Panoramic landscapes And its uniqueness presents a stunning view. Enjoy the blend of beauty and uniqueness of the Full feel of Adventure spots for you.

Pendem Fortress

The castle complex, which in the language of Pendem Netherlands called "Kusbattery op de lantong te Cilacap" husband is surrounded by a trench as wide as 12 m, most can still be seen today. In addition there are also Roving wall of the trench which features new articles A reconnaissance holes and the holes for the shoot.

The fortress is A fortress of the initials Pendem unique and unbeatable prices in Indonesia, due to the Large sebagiain of physical Building Fortress hidden inside, the land, the new article Broadly ± 6.5 hectares. Inside, there are a number of GOOD Building Fort established on the underground or on the surface of the land Looks. The language of the figures provided FUNDS Buildings nil can be concluded that the building of the Fort was founded years 1861-1879.

As for the parts Of the Castle are: Army Barracks, where defense Basement/tunnel, ammunition, weapons, space prison SPACE, the space of accommodation, wellness area, wells, Building Fortifications, buildings and warehouses, warehouse building supplies, Building barracks, Soldiers, officers, surveillance of buildings, building trenches.

The LOCATION of the Fort is located in the Administration privately Pendem Village South of Cilacap, Cilacap is located in the Bay of turtles, CA. 300 meters to the West Coast of the Bay of Turtles. Facilities available: tourism information Center, sitting groups, Viewing, Playgrounds, ticket boxes, Arch, spacious parking area, restaurants, stalls souvenirs.


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