Tips Ordering Online Via Hotel

Book hotel rooms online, is now increasingly becoming the choice of the traveler. In order to make the booking you do not encounter problems, there are a number of things to watch out for. What's it?

Tips Ordering Online Via Hotel 

Online booking hotel surely provide much convenience for the traveler. But that does not mean it is not tu can cause problems, when we're not careful.  brought together a number of tips book hotels online:

1. Search untrusted hotel booking site

There are many websites booking hotels on the internet. But look for a trusted site in order for you to avoid the risk of online fraud aka scamming. There are a number of reputable booking site for the common traveler.

For example, Wego Agoda, Booking. com and Indonesia local sites also exist such as, and King Rooms. Some of the big hotel chain is even developing its own online booking sites specific to their hotel chain, for example

2. read a good booking rules

That is also important: read the rules well. The correct checks whether the given credit card information only to confirm a booking, or your money straight cut. for example, usually using only the data of the credit card to confirm the reservation. Traveler pays money directly to the hotel when arriving at the site.

Read also the rules of the hotel especially the Affairs of cancellation, whether your money refunded or deducted. Likewise the rules of their stay, lest your hotel does not accept children when You want to take a vacation with the family.

3. Search for price comparison

Enaknya online booking many sites is that you can find the comparison price for the same hotel. Wego site for example showing a variety of prices being offered to other online booking sites. So the traveler can make sure she is getting the cheapest price.

Rajin-rajinlah browsing a variety of online booking sites before you make your selections. Who wouldn't want to be a nice hotel with prices skewed?

4. read testimonials

Don't be tempted by the hotel's photos mounted on site booking online. Many were disappointed that the original is not as beautiful as that is in the photo. Or, service staff, bad, not as advertised.

To that end, rajin-rajinlah read the testimonials of people who stayed there. Don't just read the praise, but also read the criticism of people who disappointed while staying at the hotel. You can get enough consideration before ordering hotels online.

5. the Diligent update conditions

After the hotel booked, the affair is not over yet. Rajin-rajinlah update good conditions with the booking site or associated with the hotel.

This is done to prevent things like the cancellation of room unilaterally, data error the Booker, and others. Do not let us feel our reservation is fine, and just realized there was a problem when we've got the location.

6. bring a credit card

Because online hotel reservations made by credit card, then it should not be forgotten is brought to check in at a hotel room. The hotel need it to confirm the data. If you order with credit cards of other people, you can borrow it if it belongs to a family member or good friend.

You can also bring a photocopy to indicated to the hotel. Tips Ordering Online Via Hotel  Maybe the hotel will ask for a confirmation of the original owner of the credit card, it could have been done

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