Tips on holiday to Bali for beginners

Visit  Tips on holiday to Bali for beginners
Anyone planning on travelling/vacation to Bali? For those who have already voted are certainly not a problem. But what if you are a person who has not been at all a holiday to Bali. Well here we share a little bit about Tips on holiday to Bali for beginners

Tips on holiday to Bali for beginners

Visit o Bali?

Very easy to select the mode of transportation is heading for Bali. There are many ways towards Bali. Most easy of course fly.

Promo tickets with prices below Rp 400,000 once the road has been offered. Indonesia airline never offers these cheap tickets. Make sure you order it away today, even one year earlier to get cheap tickets.

The other path is through a landline, you can ride the bus to Bali, especially if you live on the island of Java, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. The price varied depending on the distance. From Jakarta to Bali is usually around Rp 300,000.

When is the best time to come to Bali?

Throughout the year is a good time to travel to Bali. This is because Bali offers a variety of activities and attractions. In the rain, you can just visit the museum and Arts Center.

However, if you target the beach or nautical tourism and mountaineering, then select in the dry seasons or months of scanty rain, approximately between April to September.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the solid season or high season visits as well as peak season. In this period, prices will go up, especially for airline tickets, rental cars, and accommodation. The price increase could reach 25 percent. Solid season visit is in June-August and November-January.

Not only are prices rising, no matter the current Bali will be crowded will overwhelm the tourists. So get ready for more jammed roads conditions and a more vibrant tourism destination.

Stay where?

Well, before you find out your accommodation in Bali, ask first, which areas in Bali that you want to visit. Typically, for a first-time tourists to Bali will go directly to the South of Bali indeed crowded tour in Bali.

The southern region is the area of the famous Kuta. Many lodgings in Kuta. Adjust the budget you have. If you are looking for budget accommodation below Rp 300,000 per night, you can find it in the neighborhood Gang Poppies (1 and 2), the Three Brothers, a highway Gang Puspa Tuban, Ayu, until the way Daffodils Sari.

Holiday to Bali
Sign in to small alleys of major roads such as Freeways and highways Kuta Tuban, then you will find hotel-small hotel-style guesthouse. Some even as kos-kosan with a price of under Rp 100,000.

Want more luxurious?

5-star hotels can you find in the region the way Kartika Plaza, Jalan Legian, Kuta and highway. The villas offering privacy you can find in Seminyak area such as on Jalan Drupadi.

Find a hotel on the recommendation of acquaintances should could ever stay at the hotel earlier. Or, if you are determined to find new hotel when arriving in Bali, just ask at the taxi driver he could recommend.

Must stay at Kuta?

If you are not too happy with the crowds and noise of typical Centre Kuta, you can select other destinations in Bali. Try the area of Sanur, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and quieter.

The three adjacent to the beach. It's just the hotels in Nusa Dua peninsula belongs is expensive because the concept resort area. You can also choose to stay in Ubud area that impressed. But there are no beaches in the region. It's just that, Ubud is located in Gianyar Regency.

Herzliya has many interesting sights, such as the Zoo, a safari park, cultural tourism, mountains, up the coast. Another option is the area of Lovina, Singaraja, the prices here are still cheap, good hotel or food. But the distance is far from the airport, about three hours.

To the East of Bali, the appeal of most dominant is the area of Candidasa Karangasem on with its still relatively not crowded. Many cheap or expensive resort lodging in the region. Another option is Nusa Lembongan.

Holiday to Bali Indonesia
While West Bali, you can try a stay at the renowned Canggu area as a place to surf or around Tanah Lot. If you are interested in and cool air, Jatiluwih area or around the mount Batukaru could be an option. This area is still relatively quiet.

Ride what in Bali?

Public transportation such as public transport or commonly known in Bali with bemo, relatively difficult. The fleet a little bit and watch the undefinable. If you are familiar with Balinese bemo and bus ride, Trans Sarbagita can indeed be an option.

But if this is Your first experience to Bali, we recommend you rent a car. A selection of cars for hire. Most inexpensive ranges start from IDR 200,000 already including driver, excluding gasoline. Price depends on the type of car rented.

It's good You rent a car service driver at the same time, in addition to saving time doesn't get lost on the way, you can get recommendations for selection of attractions and restaurants.

Keep in mind, a rental car with driver in Bali only for 10 hours. If discharging more than 10 hours, then tenants incur additional charges per hour. To find car rentals very easy, you can do this online through the reservation.

Another way is to find a rental car at the airport or around the place to stay. Every rental car with the price usually is not much different. But it's good You do a little survey to get the best price.

Another option is to rent a motorbike, but even if you do not know the way. It could also ride motorcycle taxis. Negotiate the price to drive you around all day. The choice of an appropriate if you're travelling alone.

A taxi ride can be a choice to take you from the airport to the hotel or vice versa. Taxi in Bali is relatively safe, including taxi-cab local Bali. Select a taxi with taximeter. You can also take advantage of on-site shuttle cars are there in the hotel.

Eat where?

Want a cheap or expensive, a typical local cuisine would like Indonesia or foreign cuisine, all you can find in Bali.

However, be careful if you are looking for kosher cuisine. Most secure, find restaurants like Diner Padang, meatballs, and so on. For the restaurant, you can ask in advance for halal menus.

The area's highways and streets of Tuban Teuku Umar including the famous for culinary food nusantara and lawful. Try also the form of Balinese specialties jinggo rice rice cat that resembles a la Yogyakarta.

Its content is just rice, beans, chicken, shred and sambal. It is definitely halal and cheap price, only around Rp 2,000. But there is not enough if one ate rice jinggo.

How about stepping on banten?

Holiday to Bali  Indonesia
Bantam or offerings in the form of flowers and other offerings in the container janur (or cider) commonly placed at the entrances and areas that are frequently traversed people. Often the question arises what if accidentally trampled.

Actually it does not matter if You accidentally menginjaknya. If you menginjaknya in front of the owner or keeper of a store or place of offerings were placed, simply said "sorry".

We recommend that when walking, avoid by passing through it, lest you instead deliberately menginjaknya. Same thing with while you are visiting temples or places that are considered sacred by local people.

Appreciate and follow local customs. Use a polite clothes. If you are wearing shorts, wear gloves or cloth. Some places also requires that you wear cloth gloves and senteng.

Don't walk in front of the people who were praying or photographing with flash berlanjung during the ceremony. For women, don't get into while the coming months.

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