Rent Boat Sailing To Komodo Island

Komodo to become one of the world's tourism attraction of Indonesia, because this one animal can only be found here; in Indonesia. And as my friends know Komodo was designated as one of the 7 New wonders of the world (The New 7 Wonders). Komodo dragons can be found on Flores. The two main islands that became a shelter animal this one is the island of Komodo and Rinca Island. Based on my conversation with one of the ranger while trekking on the island of Rinca there are actually two other islands where living Komodo. But frequented by tourists is the island of Komodo and Rinca Island. To go to the island of Rinca or Komodo then we should be sailing from Labuan Bajo, Flores.

Rent Boat Sailing To Komodo Island

Travel to Komodo Island

How Toward The Labuan Bajo?

To reach Labuan Bajo then you can search for flights either directly or indirectly from Jakarta. Me and three friends that time use the Pigeons from Jakarta heading to Denpasar to Labuan Bajo then proceeded towards. Total flights were more or less 2.5 – 3 hours (Jakarta-Denpasar: ± 1.5, Denpasar Bali – Labuan Bajo: ± 1.5 hours).

Tips on renting a Ship Sailing To Komodo island and surroundings

One of the things into thought when they wish to make a visit to Komodo island is a matter of the ship/boat hire for sailing. Here a few things and tips on boat rental/boat in Labuan Bajo:

1. The message Go away or Show Today?

Ship/boat can be booked far-distant days before departing there or could also go show. But if you order the go show there are risks you didn't goto the ship/boat due to the hectic visitor. When we visited there to boat owners who rent our told me that a month before we visited, many tourists are finally forced to stand in line and get no ship/boat because it's been full booked. Certainly very dear is already far to Flores but cancel a visit to Komodo island or Pulau Rinca because not goto the ship/boat. Indeed in certain seasons visitors quickly become unmanageable. Not only from within the country but also from overseas. Even according to my observations while visiting there quite during situated in Labuan Bajo and Komodo sailing and its surroundings thus more mancanegaranya than tourists local tourists. Everywhere, we can easily find a bule-bule strewn:).

2. Order the ship/Boat away Day

If you book a ship/boat away today then certainly seek out as much as possible the contact list of the ship/boat rental. Thus you will have a variety of choices and an alternative price and backed up.

3. Where can I find the ship/Boat for rent?

If you book a ship/boat show, then go in the ship/boat you can find in the port of Labuan Bajo. The harbour of Labuhan Bajo is about 15-20 minutes from the airport of Komodo, Labuan Bajo by car. Close isn't it? :). Here you can find a lot of ship/boat rests. Most of the ship/boat is indeed destined for sailing Komodo island and surrounding areas.

The atmosphere in the port of Labuan Bajo. Canon EOS 500 d

4. Model ship/Boat

There is a wide range of model ship/boat surely that can be rented. Ranging from large to small. An expensive to a cheap:). The use of AIR CONDITIONING to being without air conditioning and various other models. Negotiates make sure you ask about the model and the condition of the ship so as not to later disillusioned by ship/boat you get:). Because it is usual to Komodo island and surrounding sailing takes at least 2 days 1 night. It could just be your hell to Komodo Island 4 days round trip, but it would be very hasty and less to enjoy the journey. In addition there has many beautiful islands and various destinations. Certainly be a pity if it is passed. Well, because of the possibility of such stay then certainly the convenience may be a little necessary especially if you go bring your family.
tour tavel to Komodo Island

Here are a few tips or things you need to ask who might be associated with a model ship/boat negotiates with the owner of the ship/boat.

a) ask how the capacity of the ship. By knowing how the capacity of the ship/boat then you can estimate how many people or the number of participants you can invite to participate in the trip. This will be useful also to reduce cost/cost to rent boats. Why? By knowing the capacity of the ship you can invite other friends to join to be sharing the cost. While visiting there some time ago me and my 3 friends aboard the capacity of approximately 15-20 people. Big enough for the four of us. Seemed to have a private boat!

b) Ask whether there is a toilet and a bedroom. The toilet and the bedroom? Indeed, it provided huh? Because Komodo and nearby sailing usually takes a minimum of 2 days 1 night, then generally ship/boat there are many that provide toilets and bedrooms at the ship/boat. So even though sleeping on the boat, you can sleep comfortably. Want to waste water, bathe, pray (for Muslims)? No need to worry because there's already a toilet. But then again you need to make sure the owner of the ship because it could just not all ship/boat provides facilities such as I mentioned above. If they provide sleeping room ask also how many bedrooms so that way you can better prepare and adapt to the number of participants who will participate. Anyone providing one bedroom and there is also more. We ship the rental time it has two small bedrooms where each room contains two mattresses. A total of two rooms may be occupied by 6 people. Since that time our only foursome, it happened very freely. Well, if you bring in more participants than the capacity of the bedroom, inevitably there must be ready to sleep on the deck of the ship by using natural AIR CONDITIONING company splash sea water

5. Ship/boat rental rates

As the image for you, used to be in the year 2010 one of my friends also sailing to Komodo island and surrounding areas. The time in question get a price of approximately Usd 1.3 million per ship for sailing for 2 days 1 night. Now (2013)? Of the contact numbers of rental boats I've ever contact with the price averaging at least Rp 2.7 million per ship. There is offering 3 million-an even up to Rp 7 million per ship! So, don't wait to get there! :) The longer the price of getting ride of! ^_^ v

I was once offered a choice of 3 ships. Ship small, medium and large. Smaller ships without bedrooms was offered around 3 millions. The ship is being 5 million and 7 million large ships! Surely the third type of different facilities. That's why when negotiating rent boats, it's good you ask condition or model ships. Not to expensive but you pay for the condition or the model of the ship does not correspond to your expectations.

6. Don't hesitate to bargain

His name is also negotiating process there is definitely a bargain. We were never offered by one of the boat owners the initial rate of $ 3.5 million per ship for sailing for 2 days 1 night. However, after negotiating the price can come down to Rp 2.75 million. So, there is no harm in trying not to bid?

7. Add People, added the price?

Well, that also you need to ask. Because it could be the eve of the day of departure-H there are your friends who want to join. Usually when you're asking rents boats, boat owners will ask how many people will participate. Darisitulah then boat owners will determine the price. Now you need to ask if there is a later addition of participants, how much it costs. As the image for you, right now (2013, based on my experience and 3 friends, with the average number of participants 4 persons are a minimum tariff of Rp 2.7 million per ship.

What if added attendee? Well, there are at least two models offer price you will get. It could be that you will be offered additional significant price or vice versa. My advice should ask exactly how the additional price for any one participant. Again, as the image for you, my time was dipatoki early prices for 4 people. If participants are adding an additional Rp 200 thousand per person. So, please negotiate with the owner of the ship! :)

Komodo Island Tour
Komodo Island

8. Eat during Sailing Komodo island and surroundings

Like my explanation above is usually minimal time sailing to Komodo island and its surrounding area is for 2 days 1 night. Then how about eating and drinking during a sail on the boat? Don't worry, ship rental rates usually include food and drink you over on the ship (about 4 x/5 x eat for 2 days 1 night sailing). You can verify it negotiates with the owner of the ship.

One of our dining menu

9. Go on a rollicking

Rental rates for boats sailing Komodo island and surrounding areas may be relatively expensive if you go alone. Therefore, one strategy to suppress the Komodo Island sailing trip costs in particular and trip to Flores generally, is to go beramai-beramai together with your friends. Thus costs can be shared. If for example you say go-6, and the rent of the ship 3 million, say for example if divided 6 each paid Rp 500.000. How? :) . If you want cheaper, Yes just invite more people to participate.

10. On board the other travellers

What if in case you do not get a friend who want invited to ngetrip to the island of Komodo? Then one way maybe you can take a tourist boat that you encounter there. But this is surely a chancy. Because not all tourists you meet in Labuan Bajo willing to accommodate other people who are not from the groups of them. But if it turns out that indeed you are desperate like this, then this way there is no harm in trying. Gratitude-gratitude you get a ride.

This is our own natural time. Upon arriving at the airport of Komodo, Labuan Bajo, we met with two fathers who also plans want to sailing to Komodo island and surrounding areas. But they said that they had hired the ship and still don't have a picture of sailing to the island of Komodo. After the talk, the father of two people finally agreed to join us. Of course with the ship's expenses are note divided equally.

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