Batur kintamani Bangli the beauty of Mount Batur and Lake Baturnya

Such is the case of Mount batur and Lake batur kintamani area north of bali has its own uniqueness with a coolness that is given and the mountain scenery in front of the eyes, it is as though we can hug him, cool as bedugul mileage 2 hours from denpasar. Bali's famous tourist attraction in Kintamani Bali what the advantages of this place? Why their are many who visit it in karenakan they provide places to rest while enjoying lunch on the slopes of the mountain with views of the mountains and Lake baturnya, do not forget to prepare your camera for documentation here.

Batur Kintamani Bali Holiday

Batur Kintamani Bali Holiday

Batur Kintamani North Bali There there is a mountain, and as usual in Bali much yan, there is a big temple of pura penyungsungan jagat (pura as the place of worship of God universal) but we did not discuss it this time around, this time you will see the beauty of Lake batur. the area here is cold you need to prepare the jackets and sweaters. you will enjoy the beauty of Mount batur are great once, where Mount batur is still a small volcano aktiv however it is located in the midst of a huge crater with a diameter of 14 km, next to mount batur you thus enjoy Lake Batur, really beautiful scenery, there you can enjoy a relaxing lunch and enjoy the spectacular views. We recommend your libura min 4 days 3 nights to enjoy some bali especially well-known. Kintamani Bali: hot water Still in the region of batur kintamani bali, good dikintamani with a cold there is outdoor bath with hot water of God's creation, cuman alamai already in modif with shaped pond, so you can take a shower there (hot water there contains sulfur so very nice to kesahatan skin) once you've finished enjoying the lunch you can move on to the hot water.

near the village there is a slope of batur kintamani Make often called call and enter a world where the keajaban comes from the word Taru menyan that Make being in short, there is some angels in the place of the temple, and also uniquely there is sought by tourists is where you will see the bodies of humans who are not only placed in a Tomb near the big tree the taru menyan Oddly enough, the human body is dead does not smell at all because of the aura of taru menyan the daro sirna all smell and from kintamani you down there towards make with boat, travel approximately 3 hours to Make, enjoy your time and to prepare for it, since spending time in his tolerable ride. 3 hour inclusive pp from kintamanai to make again.

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