Domapan bus tours, the most recent in Yogyakarta tourist facilities

Nowadays, Yogyakarta has just had the latest tourism bus named Domapan. The presence of the bus certainly can encourage and support the development of the tourism industry of the city. The tour bus was indeed designed to boost tourism in Yogyakarta and ready to pamper travellers coming to the city.

Domapan bus tours, the most recent in Yogyakarta tourist facilities

The actual Tour Bus Domapan is short for two five eight which is the birthday anniversary of Yogyakarta. The bus is one of the contributions given by one of the telecommunication operator in the country.

While another interpretation of the name Domapan that is podho well established meaning of sitting together. Thus, these buses are expected to be able to spread the spirit of togetherness of the community that can help promote the tourist industry in the town.
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Bus tours open levels created with red and green color which is the color typical of Yogyakarta city. The bus has the panjaang m by 7,47 high 3.15 m wide and 2.1 m. Domapan Bus tours can accommodate approximately 30 oranjg passengers. The bus is currently under the auspices of the Foundation of a barn. Domapan can bring tourists from the Smart Garden towards the fortress Palace of Yogyakarta and the touring in the area of the fortress was subsequently returned to the Park.
Domapan Bus Tours,

Tourists will be invited to look at – see and enjoy a range of facilities in a smart Garden and see the Castle Palace. Bus Domapan it had a roof that was open so you can enjoy the atmosphere of Yogyakarta from the roof of the bus during the journey.
Bus Domapan is collaborating with the movers world tourism in Yogyakarta such as Association of tourist agencies, hotels and restaurants, Indonesia. This allows the hotel – hotels in Yogyakarta region can provide package tours bus at its guests. This of course can facilitate the development of the tourism sector in this gudeg city.
Yogyakarta tourism bus named Domapan

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With the presence of this Domapan Bus tours, the tourism industry in Yogyakarta can be progressively developed. Later this Domapan bus will operate using a system of rent and carry a particular community. For example when there is a visit to the city area officials, they can get around Yogyakarta using the Bus Domapan.

Costs will not be borne by individuals but are borne by the establishments that rent Domapan. Prices for parties or agencies dibanderol interested parties utilizing the facilities Domapan Bus is about USD 1.5 millions. This price includes a travel package to the batik, cultural tours, museums, and culinary. Tourists ride on this bus will be invited to tour the area – the area.
This bus stop and go system apply i.e. the trip on the bus will be guided by the guide. The guide will explain to tourists about the place – the place to be bypassed. This bus will make the tourists remained on the bus.

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