Backpacking tips to Kuala Lumpur

Bored with the holidays not interesting what if try backpacking vacations to Kuala Lumpur travelers? Why should overseas anyway? Emangnya in there not already hang out places that are OK huh?

Don't rush to download the judge so dong, travelers. Backpacking to Kuala Lumpur or anywhere overseas that we do not because you've not love again in the same country. But while there is still a chance and age was younger why not exploited as much as possible the experience of nyari create? Tul dont?

Tips on backpacking Kuala Lumpur

 Tips on backpacking Kuala Lumpur
kuala lumpur

So why should backpackingnya to Kuala Lumpur? Because you can visit some cool places in Kuala Lumpur at once in a single day. Morning in Malaysia, its afternoon or maybe you've in Jakarta again. How can?


A traveler anywhere tau kalo plan aka the ruling made compulsory itinerary away days prior h. don't be lazy browsing here and there make read-read about the backpacker experience who've been to Kuala Lumpur. Be great if you follow-up forum group backpacking, backpacking or online discussions about backpacking obsolete sosmed. No need to create a sedetil perhaps nanya minder on how backpacking to Kuala Lumpur, rather than embarrassed to ask heretical in a way. Yes No?

The first tip is often recommended to experienced backpackers is a frequent-frequent postings to follow the account Twitter national airline. Some airlines sometimes do not update their sites about current ticket promo, but only announce it via social networking accounts only tickets are offered indeed will be valid the next 2-3 months. But enough kan buat ngumpulin allowance.

After the ticket is already kepegang in the hands, it is time you take care of your Passport, travelers. No reply had come to the Office of the Director of immigration, can ask kok Passport online. More info please visit the official website of this agency in

The good news for you travelers, Malaysia is one of the 43 countries that could be visited by CITIZENS without a visa for 30 days. CITIZENS who came to Malaysia, including those who want to backpacking to Kuala Lumpur, just take care of the visa on arrival (VoA) a.k.a. visa that can be taken care of after the applicant arrives in the destination country.

The next tip is the stuff. Tanya-tanyalah on other backpackers what items should not be brought wrote that entry into Malaysia. Could you bring personal medicines from Jakarta, for example. You also dont need to carry a lot of stuff, travelers. Backpacking to Kuala Lumpur takes a maximum of 3 days. So just bring your clothes and toiletries to taste.

The next step is to weigh and choose, more effective and save money where among backpacking to Kuala Lumpur alone or join a tour. Backpacking tour to Kuala Lumpur today there is a price per package ranging between 1.9 million-2 million dollars for the trip for three days two nights. Fares udah much for a rental fee includes lodging, meals, airport taxes, transport in Malaysia and round-trip airfare. This tour will also be guided a guide you should love tip when touring the Kuala Lumpur over.


Actually the baseball problem as well if you want backpacking alone to Kuala Lumpur since Malaysia's capital is relatively safe and conducive, even create a solo backpacker chick though. So you dont need to worry about diisengin people who dont take responsibility when arriving at KLIA Kuala Lumpur International Airport or alias KL-Sepang. From here look for trains heading for KLIA-KL Sentral which operates from 6.30 till 0.30 hours non stop.


Backpacking tips to Kuala Lumpur

 at KL Sentral yuk we way to Gombak District create a look at Batu Caves, a place of worship for Hindus Malaysia which is open to tourists. Make sure you got forty winks and well fed before arriving at Batu Caves, because the road to here a little bit full of struggles, travelers. You must hold down the climb the 272 steps before you can enjoy the beauty of the caves and statues of gods Skanda created in 1500 's.

From Batu Caves you can continue your journey with back to KL Sentral commuter ride used to cost RM 2. Trus yuk from here we stroll to the KL Tower ride the monorail Titiwangsa majors. Arriving at the Raja Chulan station you walk alone to the meeting between the p. Ramlee a  Puncak, ntar KL udah visible from there Towernya, travelers. Kalo pengen up could also kok. It costs 40 RM and you'd better baseball afraid of heights because the can-can loss and can not enjoy the city views from atop the KL.

Want to try the famous cuisine of restaurant Kuala Lumpur? While longer backpacking Kuala Lumpur to squeeze yourselves make eating Nasi Kandar Pelita Restaurant, a restaurant cuisine of India in KL who've come in and recommended the same TripAdvisor. The cuisine of India is thick with the taste of curry sauce plus red and green two belaslah the same eleven Padang cuisine. The price is also affordable, between 2 to 15 RM plus beverages that also you can meet on the Field, that of teh tarik.

Nah kalo udah full so it feels more energetic create continue your journey to the destination's iconic Petronas towers Malaysia, namely aka Twin Towers. Kalo malas nak-enter and rise to the top of the tower you can sit in the garden surrounding the Petronas towers, and don't forget selfie-selfie first here as proof that you've backpacking to Kuala Lumpur.

While still perched around the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center), try to visit the landmark of pride

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