Attractions in a very beautiful attractive Makassar

Makassar are famous for their culinary typically, banana epe and coto has a variety of attractions. Located on the shore of the island of Sulawesi, the city is popular with Losarinya. But it turns out the Makassar still has the mainstay attractions, ranging from the coast to high plains. Do not let the moment be in Makassar, you do not know to where.


Come to the beach which is on the road these Entertainers have become compulsory activities for each visitor that comes to Makassar. This flagship attractions has its own uniqueness. If the beach is usually known with the sand, the beach Losari doesn't have sand. If you come, you will see the concrete at the edge. There is no sand beach doesn't mean it is not worth a visit, there are many other things that draw from these sights.

Here, you can do many things such as fishing, riding a bike or banana boat, sailing boat trips and much more. What other interesting stuff from a tourist? Of course eating. There are plenty of Makassar cuisine which you can enjoy here, ranging from bananas epe, coto konro SOPs, until ice pallu butung.

Attractions in Makassar is crowded every day especially on the weekend. In the morning, much as jogging trails, while in the afternoon, many are waiting for the moment of sunset while culinary tour here.

Fort Rotterdam or Fort Rotterdam is

situated not far from the Beach Losari. This castle is one of the historical heritage of the Kingdom of Gowa-Tallo, built in 1545 by the 9. At first, the fortress was built using clay and egg whites, until then the building enhanced by the King.

If seen from above, the shape of this Fort resembles a turtle who were crawling toward the sea. The turtle was chosen because these animals can live in water and on land, it is in accordance with Keajaan Gowa-Tallo that debuted in the ocean or land.

The initial name of this castle is the ' fortress of Ujungpandang ' until such time as the fortress fell into the hands of the Netherlands and renamed Fort Rotterdam. This name became popular until now. At the time of Netherlands, the Fort was used as a storage area for spices from Indonesia captured the East part.

Inside the fortress, there is a complex of 13 buildings and five towers with a tower at the entrance, while the four other towers there are in every corner of the fortress area. There is also a museum called the La Galigo Museum contains a collection of objects the rest of the greatness of the Kingdom in the past. In addition, there is a room believed to be the place of exile of Prince Diponegoro.

These sights are open every day from 08:00 to 18:00 and free. As for the museum, you are charged the entrance of 7500 Rupiah per person, La Galigo Museum is open Tuesday-Sunday, from 08:00 to 12:30.

Bantimurung Maros are in or around 45 km from the Centre of the city of Makassar. This breadth of reach sights 43750 acres with its territory enclosing the chalk hills, waterfalls and caves as well.

The National Park was first found by a botanist of the United Kingdom, Alfred Russel Wallace. At that time, Wallace mentions this place as a Kingdom of butterflies because there are about 250 kinds of butterflies here. Butterflies indeed was made the mascot for this tour. The entrance gate Bantimurung, there is a statue of a giant Butterfly welcomes visitors coming.

Here, you can see various species of butterfly from the cocoon, Caterpillar remained to turn into beautiful butterflies. There is also a collection of butterflies that have been preserved. Other spots for you thing you can do is play the flying fox, swimming in a pool that has been provided, play in the bottom of the waterfall or explore the caves that exist in this area.

To sign in to Bantimurung, you will be charged the cost of 20000 Dollars per person.

Tanjung Bira

This beach is far enough away that is about 200 km from Makassar city. This distance will not be mean when you've set foot on top of the sand. Tanjung Bira is famous as soft as soft and white as baby powder and the water is clear blue in colour.

The beauty of this place is not only known by domestic tourists, but also foreign tourists. They used to swim, snorkel, sunbathe or just sit back enjoy views of the rising and sinking of the Sun. If forgot to bring the tools of snorkeling, you can rent them for $ 30000 Dollars. There is also a motorbike for rent 65000 dollars per day to get around this coastal area.

The facilities here are complete enough, ranging from lodging, restaurants and also a bathroom to clean themselves after a swim. Admission to Tanjung Bira was 5000 Dollars per person

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