Kesirat Beach, beach Cliffs of Gunung Kidul with Stunning Sunset

Gunung Kidul is increasingly popular among tourists. There are so many interesting Beach tourist attractions that can be visited in the South of Yogyakarta. One of coastal tourist destinations whose name has not been so familiar are the beaches of Kesirat. The beach is included in the territory of the village of Girikarto, Kec. Bake, Kab. Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta Special Region.
While visiting there, you will not find a sand get in touch directly with the sea. Because of this beach is the beach that is committing suicide. A row of cliffs in the area of fresh green. You can see the beauty of the panoramic view of the blue sea water from the top of the cliff.

Gunung Kidul with Stunning Sunset beauty
Indeed not many travelers who know the existence of the beach. So it is not surprising that the atmosphere at the beach this feels very natural. In addition to presenting the natural beauty that is so enchanting, this beach has also become a haven for those who are fond of fishing. There is also the fishermen often find sea fish.
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While visiting there, you may be able to see some anglers and fishermen who are engaging in activities in the area of this beach. If you also love to fishing, then there is no harm to join them to fish together.

Not much different from the single Pok has a tree that became an icon, Kesirat also has a perennial tree which is known as the tree of Gebangkoro, because this beach shaped cliff that leads directly to the sea, then the visitors can't swim there.
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This tourist attraction is more suitable as a place to take pictures – image or pre wedding. There you can see a view of sunset or sunrise is so charming. In addition, there are also food stalls is not yet available or place of residence. If you want to stay, You can stay in the city centre or bring their own tents. So as not to starve, you should also carry stock drinks and food to taste.

Travel Stunning Sunset Gunung kidul
If from the city center, you need the travel time for a little over 2 hours to reach the location of this beach. There is no public transportation that passes through the location of the beach. Therefore, we encourage you to bring personal vehicles such as motorcycles or cars. The route of his journey is almost the same as when heading to the beach from the city of Yogyakarta Gesing heading to School then the fork To the right select Ivory heading to Kec. Playen.
After that you can pass the Kec. Paliyan. Forest Sodong, grilled, and Girisekar Village Hall. From the porch of the village You can go to a big banyan tree. From the beaches of Gesing You can go to the market and take the right direction Pandem about 200 m. in there you can see a mosque on the left side of the road. From such mosques you can sign in to the left past the cement cast up on site Pantai Kesirat.

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