Enjoy the nautical paradise on the island of rats,Bengkulu INDONESIA

The rat may be regarded as a bully. However, Indonesia also has a rat who can be where you get the best sightseeing experience. The name of this place is the island of rats.
Rat island is one of the best nautical destinations in Indonesia. The island is located in the West of the capital of Bengkulu. With an area of the island is only 2 hectares, you will feel like they have a private island, when you visit the island.
You can also see Rat Island directly from other nearby attractions, namely a long beach. From Long Beach, you can also hire a boat to reach the island. The journey takes around 40 minutes.

Paradise on the island of rats,Bengkulu INDONESIA

Tourist Activities

There are many things you can do on the island of rats. However, the main thing you can do is enjoy the natural beauty of the island. The most beautiful things you can enjoy in the rat Island is its views. The island has many types of corals, such as acroporase, fungia, montipora, pociIIopora, sarcophiton, and poriter.

Then, there are also many different types of animals, such as hawksbills and green turtles. You can also enjoy these animals that are laying eggs. The island is also a place of living some kind of rare and beautiful birds. For example, doves, Black Stork, sea Louie Gunsmith and Cormorant rice.
There are also different types of plants that are unique and lovely to is enshrined with your camera. For example the ketapang, waru, nyampiung up to coconut.

Rat Island, there is also an old lighthouse that used to be used as a guide to ships that sail in the ocean Indnesia. To be sure, this place would be heaven for you are interested in photography.
You can also swim and dive to see more clearly the underwater scenery and corals that are on the island. Because there are a large number of the living Reef and is found here, then this type of sea life that lives around the island is very diverse. The underwater scenery of the island is not inferior to Bunaken or Raja Ampat.

Accommodation and transport

For accommodation, you can rent an Inn in Bengkulu. Because it is only about 10 km from Bengkulu, then you can hire a fishing boat from the coast of the tread to the Padri. Travel time is needed from Bengkulu was only 1 hour.
Or, if you want more quickly, you can rent a speedboat from Port Island Baai. You only takes 40 minutes if you want to visit the mouse, make sure you visit it when the weather is nice and sunny. When the storm, the island is too dangerous to visit. And, most importantly, you do not throw litter in both the boat and the island's own Rat. This is necessary so that the beauty of the island is awake .related Kesirat Beach,\Gunung Kidul Sunset

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