Shindu Beach Bali Charm

Shindu Beach Bali is in fact not yet so well known by tourists. But this one has a beach attraction the panorama is very exotic, if not less than some other beaches in Bali. Foreigners and domestic well not too little has been learned of the existence of such a wonderful panorama as well as the beach. Therefore, many tourists visit this place to just enjoy the softness of white sand while the waves that are not so great.

A coastline similar to Sanur Beach

The beach with this exotic white sand in fact has a coastline similar to that of Sanur Beach. Quite a number of tourists who visit here to just enjoy the various culinary dishes served dishes at once almost along the coast. The wide variety of visitor activity on the beaches of Bali Shindu was fishing, swimming, berjjemur or bersantau on the white sands of very gently while observing the other tourists are busy doing various activities.
Maintained clean and comfortable for travelers

Shindu Beach Bali Indonesia Charm
The beach was named one of the Beach due to its territory Shindu which is located in the village of Shindu, thus easier to remember as well as mentions, it is called Shindu Beach. The beach of this one very awake about clean because either the local Banjar or employees of hotels that exist around the beach are always working together in cleaning up coastal area periodically. So many travelers feel welcome to linger over live in gorgeous white sandy beach. Especially for lovers of the exotic beach sunset, this gives you a very attractive panorama just when towards the sunset. A typical sunset from the beach in Bali the island of gods who is very charming and become an attraction for any tourists visiting. No wonder certainly if foreign and domestic tourists are always made in love which never seeming endless by tourist destinations Indonesia.

The facilities of this ad on the beach itself is a mini market, Art shop, restaurant and hotel, spa, boat motor rentals, cafe and parking area are adequate. The community that exists around the coast of Sindh's own former profession as a fisherman, but along with the development of world tourism and increasing the abundance of tourists visiting, this is now already many who switched professions as employees and trade on the coast of Bali Shindu.
Shindu Beach Location

Shindu beach is located in the village of Shindu which is at least about 15 Km from the city of Denpasar, Bali. So it's not far enough for you to reach Shindu Beach area of Bali if you are in the city of Denpasar.

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