Historical Romantic love story of Teluk Terima Bali

The story of Romeo and Juliet has always been a romantic love story that ever existed, even this story has also been often filmed and many inviting people much for noticing it. You all may already know that the love story is about romance between two human beings. But who would have thought that in Indonesia in the Bali town any time there is a love story so romatis as well as Rome and Juliet. Kish love begins from the story of loyalty shown by Layon Sari against Jaya Prana.

History Romantic love story of Teluk Terima Bali
The love story you can enjoy in one of the places that are located in the city of Bali, Bali Received in the Bay area. Want to know how the story is owned by him? Check out blurb short story below:
Initially, Jaya Prana is just a kid who lives a kara, however he was raised by the King of Buleleng, namely someone who holds anak agung to adults. After Jaya Prana up, he was given permission to perform the marriage with a girl named Sari Layon. Beauty Layon Sari which is very good, it turned out to make the King of Buleleng is jealous and wants to have it, until finally he was trapping Jaya Prana to kill him.

These traps are done by asking the help of Jaya Prana to quell the pirates in the northern coast of the island of Bali, after Jaya Prana go he was intercepted by a Prime Minister who is already prepared by the King to them utterly. Finally Jaya Prana else killed in the Gulf have received. After hearing that her husband related information, Layon Sari went to overtake Jaya Prana, and he performs the Act of suicide in place of Jaya Prana died, until the pair's second ever buried at that location side by side.
In addition to this romantic love story so inspiring, he was also a history that until now pretty much invited people to make pilgrimage to it, not only for the House or the Hindus only, but for the other people is often a place for pilgrimage. But, if you want to visit these places, please be more careful and always pay attention to the conditions around. Why is this so? Due to its location this one lots of wild monkeys who often annoy visitors and even steal the offerings given for pilgrimage
But by making a pilgrimage to the sites of history, you will get a lot of other advantages, such as can have a beautiful view of the sea that there is behind the temple, as well as free from some form of tourist facilities that you might not want because both feel disturbed, such as stalls, restaurant, resort, or a variety of other facilities form. Because that's what tourist sites this one is still known to its natural level, and contains a high spiritual values. In addition, you can find the form of the waves breaking in the form of natural mangrove forests with its roots that are still firm and serves as a barrier to the waves of the tide. So romantic love story of Jaya Prana and Layon also Sari from Teluk Terima Bali.

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