Sights of Gorontalo are interesting to visit

Beauty Island island of Sulawesi, Indonesia GorontaloOn the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia Gorontalo is one of the most ancient Peninsula along with the town of Parepare, Makassar, Manado city and also. Even if traced, its history can be pulled up to hundreds of years ago. Then what are the interesting places on this one?
Gorontalo peninsula has been formed for about 400 years ago. As the provincial capital of North Sulawesi, the city kept its inheritance from the past. When you're visiting there, you can see the rows of houses – houses and ancient home staging that is still fairly plentiful along the city streets.

In addition, the city is also located at the equator is flanked by two territorial waters. In the northern part of Indonesia, there is the Celebes Sea and the southern part there is the Gulf of Tomini. With that position, Gorontalo became potential for maritime tourism sector. But in fact rely on the sector not only Indonesia Tourism nautical tourism destinations there is interesting to visit Indonesia in addition to tour baharinya. Want to know what are these places?

Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park National Park

This is a national park that became kebangaan Gorontalo. The National Park is enriched by a variety of wildlife habitats of endangered anoa, which are the tarsiers, the young birds, deer and pigs. The young bird is one of the species of bird has its own uniqueness compared to birds in General. The uniqueness of these eggs are larger than the body of the bird.
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The Fortress Of The Lake Toba Otanaha

If you are interested in visiting the sights of Gorontalo on this one, you need to prepare your physical done. Because the castle was located on a hill. To get at that location, you must hike about 345 stairs off first because it was at the top.
In addition to its altitude, the castle which was made to defend the city of Gorontalo of the Portuguese attack that also has the attraction in which the fortress was built using egg white mixture young birds, bird eggs, and white plaster.

Marine Parks Bitila

Just imagine how it feels if you're on an island that is uninhabited, which has white sand and natural attractions of the charming underwater? Of course great fun isn't it? The experience you can get if you visit the island Bitila who were in the Gulf of Tomini on the island you can explore Bitila Marine Park. This marine park offers numerous dive spots with a variety of sea life and coral reefs is still very awake. So if you visit there, prepare equipment for diving or snorkeling you well so that you can enjoy the underwater beauty of the island.
So some of the interesting attractions of Gorontalo to Your head. Make sure you visit these places – while visiting Indonesia  Muara Angke, Wildlife, Green Area Between The Concrete Jungle Of Jakarta

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