Muara Angke, Wildlife, Green Area Between The Concrete Jungle Of Jakarta

When you hear the word Jakarta, may be the one thing that comes in your mind is traffic congestion and pollution. But, don't get me wrong, in Jakarta there is also an interesting natural tourist to visit. The question is the Muara Angke Wildlife (SMMA).
The place is located in the village of Muara subdistrict of Penjaringan, Kapuk, North Jakarta Municipality it is a conservation area. There are many things you can do here. One of them is to see different types of birds that live in this area.

Muara Angke, Wildlife Jungle of Jakarta Indonesia
SMMA is the place of living of many species of birds, some of which even is a rare bird endemic to. One of the rarest birds is lathe (Centropus nigrorufus) Java who only left 10 tails only.

The number of birds that exist in the wildlife comprises 91 species of birds. 28 of them is water birds. 63 types of forest birds and 17 kinds of rare birds is protected.
Not only birds, it also became the site of several unique wildlife. Like the long-tailed Macaque (Macaca fascicularis) monkeys. In addition, there are also other animals, such as crabs, fish, shrimp, crocodiles and more.
With so many types of birds and other animals, this place would be heaven for those of you who have a hobby of photography. You can find many interesting destinations for you capture with your camera.
Muara Angke wildlife is not just a sanctuary for rare animals. This place is also a place to educate the public about the importance of to love and protect the environment sekitat.
This area is also included in the mangrove forests or mangroves. This area is regarded important, because mangroves can protect the Mainland from abrasion and big waves. The mangrove forest has also become a barrier wall of the influx of sea water flooding into the Mainland.
SMMA itself has an area of approximately 25,02 hectares. This area is already set to be a natural refuge since 1939. After that, the status of the region turned into a wildlife refuge in 1998. Since that time, the area in North Jakarta is becoming a refuge for the conservation of nature and the animals.

Transportation and accommodation

For transport, you can use private vehicles and use the toll. You stop on Mediterranean Commerce shophouse complex and directly go to the Wildlife of the estuary Angke.
In addition, you can use Bosway corridor 9 (Pinang Ranti – Pluit). Get off at Stop Networking, then take a red minibus B 01 Department of Grogol – Angke and down on the beach in Beautiful Kapok. After that, you can walk across the bridge on the shore of Beautiful Kapok and into SMMA.
When you want to visit the wildlife, you have to take care of and get SIMAKSI (a letter of Permission signed in conservation areas). You can take care of it in the Office of the natural resources Conservation (BKSDA) DKI Jakarta. Enjoy the nautical paradise on the island of rats,Bengkulu INDONESIA

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