Bolihutuo Beach, Eastern Evidence Glamour Indonesia

The beach of Bolihutuo or also known as Beach Tilamuta is a wonderful beach that was already very famous with its beauty with tourists. The beaches on this one has a charming panoramic views and is also one of the mainstay destinations of local Government District Tilamuta, Gorontalo.
During a trip to this beach, you will be treated with the natural landscape green sejakigus the fresh air and also the Valley hills. There are a few palm trees lined neatly in between green hills so the more makes it a suitable Beach used as a sense of weary and tired of urban bustle atmosphere.

Bolihutuo Beach, Eastern Evidence Glamour Indonesia

The beauty of Boilutuo Beach is like a string of pearls which lay along the Gulf of Tomini. Roll of waves that gently touched the shore are increasingly adding to the eloknya atmosphere of nature that exist. The white sand covered the entire coastal area decorated with lush pines and towering. Its blue water memeberi exotic impression on Bolihutuo Beach.

Tourist activities
In addition to the nautical sightseeing and relaxing on the beach, you can also Bolihutuo travelled to Lamu Village, subdistrict of Tilamatu. A place with white sandy Islands cluster in the middle of the sea. Any news circulating that this area in the future will be developed into a tourist destination for

foreign tourists.
While the other islands are no less interesting is the island of Lahumbo and the island of Paniki. The two islands have hundreds of thousands of bats, thus giving the impression that it appears black in it if it is seen from a distance.
Other places worth a visit that is Bitilia Island marine park with a beauty that was capable of defeating the Bunaken marine park with its diversity of its marine life and coral.
Culinary tour
Around coastal area there are at least 6 restaurants that you can visit such Homes Packed Cairo with Middle Eastern cuisine, restaurants a-Z with typical dishes of processed meat goats (Curry, Coconut Curry, Satay etc) as well as 3 other restaurants with seafood specialities.
Grilled fish into a culinary menu should You taste along with dabu-dabu (sliced red onion, chili and tiomat soaked into coconut oil heat).
For other dishes are no less tasty and tempting is a relatively Paguyaman birdlime with transmigration location. This one had a corn cob smaller if you compare it with corn, but the ideals of the taste is very distinctive, savory and tender. Very worth to Your sample when stopped and spent the holidays on the beach Bolihutuo.
There are various accommodation options around Indonesia you can adjust with the budget that you have set up.

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