Beaches, paradise Sunset in Makassar Sulawesi Barat

If talking about coastal tourist destinations, Indonesia is probably the winner. With geographical condition as island States, our country is almost always synonymous with tourism in Bali that offer stunning beaches – beaches, beaches Ora, Raja Ampat, until Cubadak. But it's only a handful of the many that exist. Indonesia is indeed very rich in matter of natural beauty, including the charming beauty of the sunrise and sunset which can be enjoyed from different points.

beaches, paradise Sunset in Makassar Sulawesi Barat

In addition in Lombok, Bali, and Raja Ampat, there are still other tourist destinations that are not less interesting in West Sulawesi rather in Makassar. The journey from Makassar to reach Makassar takes around 8 hours or 3 hours if of Mamuju, lucky night bus Executive class is available from Makassar tourists every day so not too difficult to get to the capital of the Regency of Makassar.
Regency of West Sulawesi this incredible asset store. Makassar section has many beaches that fascinate and not inferior to Bali. Its located in the western part of West Sulawesi makes one side of this district is bounded by the sea completely i.e. the Makassar Strait.
The Makassar Strait itself is a character in the waters as well as have the Undertow of the sea is strong enough. Interestingly, Makassar also has a pegungan area and the hills that the location is not far from the coast. In contrast to the contour of the area in Bali that flattens out, Makassar has a similar contour trench.

Along the axis of the route of Makassar – Mamuju presents a view of the sea on the left and right in the form of a row of mountains and hills. The sea and the beach seems to be a mainstay there. Regent House Makassar even located at the seaside. So with his Holy Mosque.
Only 10 minutes away from the highway district, you can already see the docks and the sea of blue is comfortable to relax in. One of the attractive tourist destinations there are the beaches of Barane. Only 5 km from the city centre, Barane offers blue endearing.

The beauty of the beach making it a convenient place for the citizens and the tourists to Makassar on vacation. Ocean waves there pretty friendly although zone of shallow waters. Usually the beach is crowded by the time the holidays while the regular day time offer sensations such as a private beach as well as the wooden dock that you can enjoy yourself.
Not far from the Barene, there are the beaches of Dato. Beach Tourism is very unique because one side looks very beautiful beaches with white sand sloping nan tease. Meanwhile on the other side there is a row of hollow reef – a hole. The reef area offer views of the sea. Fish – small fish ever seen swimming around there in the water its crystal clear so you can see the fish – the fish without having to dive.

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