Cheap hotels in Lombok Info Backpacker

Lombok island was one of the Islands that have incredible beauty in Indonesia. An awful lot of people praising the island after visiting from there. for you who like to traveling here certainly need accommodation or lodging, find cheap hotels in Lombok? Backpacker hehe. Create a confused search for cheap hotels in Lombok,. arrange this. By getting a cheap hotel, because you can save on expenses at once could allocate funds to something more important. Anyways fitting holiday in Lombok Island ga just silence in the Hotel? It's a shame but do not select the original cheap hotels, here are some cheap hotels in Lombok reference quality satisfying airport, hotels in Lombok, even close to senggigi beach.

Cheap hotels in Lombok Info Backpacker

A list of cheap hotels in lombok-ranging between 50 thousand to 200 thousand of this might be very useful when you want to enjoy the beautiful senggigi beach holidays and its surrounding beaches and costs the kurung cekak backpacker style. But before we remind. usually the price of certain issues, such as new year and holidays together with other national officials, the cheap hotel will add an additional charge equal in price. So the data we share below are valid on the day of normal to all the tourist attractions on the island of lombok.

 cheap Hotel rates in Lombok Info 

Create Backpacker old price location of Senggigi Beach Hotel room rates Batu Bolong Cottages 50.000 Extra Bed
The Jayakarta Spa Resort & 150.000 Extra Bed Star Senggigi Hotels 140.000 Extra Bed Senggigi Beach Hotel 245.000 Extra Bed
The Santosa Villas & Resort 290.000 Extra Bed Holiday Resort Lombok 215.000 Extra Bed Puri Saron Hotel 195.000 Extra Bed Hill SenggigiCottages 125.000 Extra Bed Graha BeachSenggigi Hotels 195.000 Extra Bed the scoop Guest House 195.000 Extra Bed Mascot Senggigi 145.000 Extra Bed Puri Mas BoutiqueResort Spa 195.000 Extra Bed the Hotel Puri Bunga (Cottages) 145.000 Extra Bed Location Kuta Lombok Hotel room rates, Hotel Tastura 120.000 Extra Bed Kuta Indah Hotel 105.000 Extra Bed Site of
Gili Trawangan Hotel room rates Martas 155.000 Extra Bed Bungalow Location Hotel Gili Air Gili Air Hotel room price 145.000 Martas 155.000 Bungalow Extra Bed Extra Bed

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