Beautiful beach on the island of Nias

Nias has so many beautiful and exotic beaches that invite the international surfers to try out the awesomeness of the waves on the coast of Nias.

Nias Island is an island in North Sumatra Province and is located in the waters of the West. The island is famous for its tradition of the jump that rock is a very highly anticipated attraction by travellers who visited the island. the jump is actually a new custom event for a grown man in Nias. In addition to the cultural attractions, Nias also visited for its beauty and keeksotisan offered by its shores. Stunningly beautiful beaches it is able to attract foreign tourists to visit especially for surfing in the sea of loss.

Beautiful beach on the island of Nias

Several beaches on the island of nias
Nias Island, actually very famous once with the beauty of its beaches. The coast of Nias average offers a very riveting landscapes i.e. with an expanse of blue water is clean and the sand is very white beaches. The water is so clear. Coupled with a large sea waves are very sought after by foreign tourists for surfing. Nias is now often used as a place for surfing competitions of international scale.

Following this, several beaches in Nias Island, namely:

The beach there is the island of Asu Asu Hinako archipelago that is part of the outer islands, of Indonesia. Menhadirkan island is a quiet, cosy shades, as well as the hospitality of the locals will be able to make you taste linger stay on the island. On this island, you can do a variety of activities such as sunbathing on the beach, swimming, tracking the circumference of the island, fishing and surfing. The beach on the island is very clear and the blue expanse of sky that meets with the blue and white garment interspersed with sand and swaying of Palm Grove in terpa the wind gives the feel of a very quiet and far different from the urban bustle.
Moale Beach. It has a coastline that is long and straight. This beach becomes a major destination since it is only 3 hours drive from Mt Sitoli or 2 hours from the Gulf. On the beach there are many caf├ęs and a small hut with capacity 6 to 8 people to sit just enjoy views of the beach.
The beach is set in the village of Afia Carlita, kec. Gunung Sitoli Utara. The beach is approximately 12-14 km from the town of Gunung Sitoli. This attraction becomes obej favorite tourism because its so close to the capital of Nias district. On the beach, has numerous facilities, call it karaoke TV, swimming pool, badminton hall, even the swimming pool spring waterboom also already available here.
The beach has the blue sea Lahewa NET with rocks on the edge of its beaches. The facilities at this beach is where the speedboat hire that could disewak for circling an island located approximately 2 km from the beach. On the island, visitors can see dozens of wild monkeys.
Struck A Beach
Although Telukdalam Beach has a beautiful natural panorama and color water clear as transparent to the Coral Sea on the sea floor. This beach has a small Pier-pier with Palm trees that lined up neatly. In addition, it also has a large stone with strong waves.
The beach of Sorake visited surfers particularly in June and July due to the height of waves reaches 10-12 km. In addition to this the more beautiful beaches with views of its reefs.
Other nias Island charm
Besides the famous beaches and surf, the Nias Island is also famous for its variety of unique culture and decades-old. Call it a traditional village with typical traditional house in Nias which still stands a stout though has been more than 70 years. The houses are made of wood and construction does not use an iron peg on each connection. The uniqueness of this home, make your visitors curious to experience living in this home as well as enjoy the Nias and fresh specialities with special herb.

Nias Island, currently have become tourist destinations promoted abroad by the Government of North Sumatra in addition to Lake Toba. The island is able to invite foreign tourists and generate revenue for local governments and also the local community. The beauty of its beaches have been well-known to American Hawaii, especially for surfers internationally.

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