Cheap lodging in Ciwidey Bandung

Cheap Accommodation In Ciwidey - Enjoy a variety of Tourist Attractions in Bandung as in tourist areas Ciwidey Kabupten Bandung certainly not just simply done in a day, and inexpensive lodging in Ciwidey certainly would be your solution to be able to explore all the tourist locations in Ciwidey interesting and exciting but with a budget of your travel budget as small as possible.

Cheap lodging in Ciwidey Bandung

There are many Cheap Accommodation Ciwidey, in addition to well-known cheap, the location of lodgings in Ciwidey cheap has a distinct advantage for those who are on vacation and enjoying the tourist attractions in Southern Ciwidey, because the location is not far from the various attractions in Ciwidey famous and interesting as Kawah Putih, Cimanggu hot water bath, hot water bath ciwalini, camping ranca upas, there patenggang, strawberry plantations and tea plantations Rancabali.

Well, to answer your needs in seeking information about lodging in Ciwidey  cheap for your use in preparation for the holiday in Bandung in the upcoming holiday season as the show-year renewal in Ciwidey or exciting events at tourist sites Ciwidey, the author of the blog Places In Bandung rightly gives info inexpensive lodging in Ciwidey district of Bandung which rekomended for you.

Cheap lodging in Ciwidey which is how most good, good and right for your holiday? or what cheap lodging in Ciwidey most complete? nah, no longer let's lengthy surgery the only names or places lodging in Ciwidey at the start of Saung escarpment Ciwidey


Saung escarpment Ciwidey
Saung escarpment Ciwidey
Cheap lodging in Bandung Ciwidey, virtually no regular accommodation, because in addition to the artistic concept of the traditional bungalows, accommodation facilities was also not thought of ordinary saja.Bungalow Saung escarpment Resort has a one-star hotel class facilities are complete and will be quite able to accommodate all the needs of stay or overnight you in Ciwidey comfortably and safely.

Cheap lodging in Ciwidey within no more than 3 km of interesting sites this White crater, ready to welcome you with the traditional concept of the typical lodging Sundanese or Javanese barat.Nama "Saung" in Saung escarpment Bungalow is clear, this inn highlight the simplicity of the countryside , where the model of the building is designed using natural materials of bamboo woven into a sheet such that the "booths" are beautiful, so I guarantee overnight sensation here there will be a different feeling when staying overnight in cheap accommodation in Bandung others.

For the interior itself, cheap lodging in Ciwidey Saung escarpment also adjust the office arrangement with the traditional theme that carried the inn, it is certainly aimed to further unite the building with the location and the beautiful natural atmosphere typical Ciwidey. Saung escarpment some lodging facilities are provided in the room, among others, toiletries, desk and chair, free wellcome drink packaging, Coffee & Tea Maker, as well as a balcony or terrace can be found in some rooms.

 If you want to stay in Saung escarpment Ciwidey this, you should reserve in advance, because the number of rooms available is limited (12 units of bungalows and 2 villas, the Villa Rose and Villa Kecibung) as well as for registration or purposes of reservation registration, Saung escarpment these bungalows only open from 09:00 noon until close to 20:00 pm every day.


Not many facilities of one of the Inn's but this one star hotel class is provided, just the usual standard facilities such as car park, saung escarpment and there is a garden restaurant for rekreasi.Jargon "Cheap lodging but not cheap" very decent writer pinned to Saung escarpment Restaurant and Bungalow This Ciwidey, very rekomended for you to spend a night or unwind after a day's rest meengeksplorasi attractions in Ciwidey.
Address: Jalan Raya Ciwidey - Rancabali KM. 6, Village Natural Endah, Bandung, West Java
Phone: (022) 85920675
Hours: Today Open  · 09.00â € "17:00
Rental rates: From 100,000 / person
Number of Rooms: 12 units of bungalows and 2 units of Villa
And for more information and more about Saung escarpment Resto & Bungalow, please open it in the post: Saung escarpment Ciwidey Resto & Bungalow


Pago village Ciwidey
Romantic evening atmosphere in the village of Ciwidey Pa'go
One more best rekomended cheap and good lodging in the tourist center is the village of Pago Ciwidey Ciwidey Bandung located at Jl address. Kingdom Soreang Ciwidey Km 25, Bandung regency, West Java, which is popular with tourists as the hotel banhyak pago Ciwidey village or even popular with the other name of the village Pa'go Ciwidey.Apa resort was its name, which obviously cheap lodging but is strategically located in center of tourist attractions in Bandung Ciwidey famous and interesting as white crater, wallini hot spring water and Ranch Upas also situ patenggang.
Overnight in the village of Ciwidey Cheap Accommodation Pago will offer an abundance of charm and appeal of natural freshness of the air is very cool even very cold at night hari.Selain it at noon and in the afternoon you can enjoy nature typical hilly and mountainous Ciwidey very indah.Kampung Pago Ciwidey is a good alternative to your travel destination, which has enough natural advantages in the form of rural tourist exotic and natural atmosphere beautiful hills and cool.
For interior or room in the village of Pago Ciwidey hotel that has 33 rooms with a choice of accommodation types are different (Pa'go, Rumah Bali, Pondok Pa'go, cottages and Patani), the average for each room is equipped bathing facilities hot water (water heater), PABX Phone, doeuble bed and also televisi.Untuk
rooms of other special types pago village inn is also equipped with bath tubs and living room which refresentatif that will make you comfortable and safe during the stay at the inn in Ciwidey this family.
Regarding price Pago village Lodging Ciwidey or hotel rates Ciwidey village pago pago also Room rates Ciwidey village is different tariffs and prices, and adapted to the type of room or villa you rent or tempati.Namun once again, the author guarantees that the price offered will be directly proportional to the complete facilities and good service from the village of Pago resort Ciwidey this, especially here you can enjoy a swimming pool Ciwidey village pago nice that you can take advantage of with family

A cheap lodging in Bandung south very rekomended you make basecamp for a place to rest after a sightseeing tour in the region Ciwidey very comfortable and aman.Hunian rents comparable with this five-star hotel, guaranteed to give satisfaction to spend the night and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the night Ciwidey cool and beautiful.
Address: Jl. Kingdom Soreang Ciwidey Km 25, Bandung regency, West Java

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