Travel to beautiful tourist Bandung

Bandung - For the traveler who wants a weekend this time in Bandung, West Java, is obliged to come to the following 5 places. You can travel spending to come to a place full of fresh air. Let weekend to Flower City!

Bandung become a traveler favorite places of the capital. Especially on weekends, guaranteed plenty of car plates and flooded the city of Bandung. Obviously, this is due to the many attractions of interest in the Flower City.

Travel to beautiful tourist Bandung

1. Regions Dago

Unauthorized get here if not come to Dago. This area is located at Jl Ir H Juanda and never deserted of tourists. Dago destination shopping destination. Ready to take their money more while visiting there.

Rows of factory outlets in Dago lined. Some factory outlets that you can go there as Grande Factory Outlet, Central Branded Outlet, Blossom Factory Outlet, Level Factory Outlet, Glamour Factory Outlet, Gossip Factory Outlet, and much more. Prepare the pocket and choose the items of your choice. Quality goods factory outlets in Dago proven quality.

Satisfied shopping, now is the time to fill the stomach in Dago. For lovers of brownies, came to Kartika Sari or Amanda Brownies. Still hungry? Culinary variety along the way Dago awaits you.

2. Saung Angklung Udjo

One of the distinctive art of West Java is the angklung. Traditional musical instrument made of bamboo has been designated by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. For the traveler who wants to know everything about the angklung and how to play, please come to Saung Angklung Udjo at Jl Padasuka No. 118, Bandung. The air is cool and green bamboo that will accompany you here.

Angklung performances shown each day, starting at 15:30 to 17:30 pm with admission price of Rp 50,000. Guaranteed, you will be amazed and will not get tired of watching the performance. Small children to adults will entertain you with the strains of solemn angklung heard.

You will be given angklung and taught how to play. A guide will be standing in front of the stage and give instructions to you. It felt so good! Not only that, you also get to see the process of making angklung and shopping handicrafts from bamboo in curios shop.

3. Kawah Putih

White Crater is the most favorite spot to take pictures in Bandung. This beautiful crater is in Patuha, Ciwidey, Bandung. Cold air and beautiful scenery there ready to hypnotize you!

There's a bit of a traveler who falls in love with the White crater. Crater with turquoise water, white rocks, and the fog that enveloped him, making traveler linger there. The natural landscape is what makes the White crater as a place for a pre-wedding pictures taken.

To get into this area, travelers are required to pay a ticket for Rp 13,000 while Monday-Friday and Rp 15,000 for Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Do not forget to wear a mask to protect you from sulfur fumes. You must down dozens of stairs to arrive at the crater. From near or from the heights, White crater seen really beautiful!

4. Geology Museum

One more interesting attractions in Bandung other is the Museum of Geology. Inside the museum, you will see ancient fossils and fossil replicas Tyranosaurus Rex or T-Rex. Grrr!

Geological Museum is located on Jl Diponegoro No. 57, Bandung. The museum is open every day, except Fridays and public holidays. This museum houses many historic fossils. Inside there are fossils of ancient elephants, buffalo ancient, diverse hominid fossils in Java, as well as some of the fossil shells in the museum. Complete!

One of the most popular is the fossil of fossil Tyranosaurus Rex or T-Rex. Although it is actually only a replica fossils, fossilized T-Rex is very tall and large. Height reaches 5 meters and fossil replicas of the T-Rex is the most widely viewed by visitors. You can take pictures with the background of the fossil. With the entrance fee of Rp 3,000, you go back to ancient times as the time of entry into the museum.

5. observatory

For a traveler fans of 'The Adventures of Sherina', must know observatory. Place better known as Bosscha this is one of the filming. Bosscha located in Lembang, Bandung South, and become a favorite tourist traveler. Knowledge of the sky and the stars here is truly complete!

Bosscha is a place to observe the stars and celestial bodies. Do not be surprised, you will find a giant telescope-teloskop there. Some telescopes owned Bosscha like eleskop Zeiss to observe Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the craters of the moon, the Milky Way Schdmit Telescope to study the structure of the Milky Way, and much more.

Bosscha is the oldest star observation and become the center of astronomical research in Indonesia. A visit to Bosscha divided into two types of visits, that during the visit, at 09.00-13.00 hrs and and night, at 5:00 p.m. to 20:00 pm. You can register directly or on the official website. The fee for daytime visits amounting to Rp 7,500 and Rp 10,000 for an evening visit.

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