How to find cheap hotels in Singapore

Singapore is an island full of delicious food, interesting tourism activities and shopping (hello, Orchard Road!). But one of the things that often cause for concern in Singapore is the cost of accommodation. This time we will show you how to get the cheapest accommodation in Singapore. The most important fact is not a matter of finding the 
cheapest lodgings, but most have a "value for money".

How to find cheap hotels in Singapore

First of all, you will need an internet connection for browsing the site-site. We usually often use Agoda and AirBnB. Before, we recommend you to sign up for AirBnB because you guys will be able to discount the 20 USD for the firstusage if you guys list through PergiDulu. Not only will get a discount for the first use, but the AirBnB also has many good deals to private rooms.
Once the list of AirBnB, now it's time looking for rooms that have the best offerings from both of these sites, Agoda and AirBnb. Go Agoda Singaporeand select check-in date and number of people who will stay. In the next screen you can filter and sorting hotels that you want to view by clicking the button above the heading the list. In this case, we click on "price" then "price (low to high)" so that we can see where the cheapest hotel on the day we willpay a visit to Singapore.

Agoda sort our experience, usually hargaBerdasarkan backpacker hostel will appear on the top on Agoda. The cheapest price of having to share a room with several other people. If you do not want to share a room with a lot of people, must continue to scroll down. On the date that we select, Amrise Hotel is appearing first to have a private room and the price is very cheap, Rp. 386,073 per night.
Amrise Hotel Singapore HargaTapi caution! At Agoda, these prices do not include taxes and fees of the admin. After being added to these costs, so the total Rp. 454,408 — still belongs very cheap for the price of a private room in Singapore.

Amrise Hotel Singapore Finals next HargaHal we used to consider whenlooking for a hotel in Agoda is rating. We usually choose hotels that have arating of 7 upwards. Rating for Amrise Hotel is 6.5In this case, you shoulddetermine how the importance of the quality of the room for you. If the priceis more important, or more important quality? If you want a room with a better quality, you should continue to check the list to find the desired hotelrating, but of course it costs most likely will be more expensive. The cheapesthotel we could find with a rating above 7 on the date that we enter is theDrop Inn Singapore. A very good rating, 8 and the price is Rp. 486,570 (before taxes). After the plus tax 
so Rp. 535,227. AND INCLUDE BREAKFAST! (Yay!)
Drop Inn Singapore HargaJadi, when viewed from the side of the ' value for money ', of course the winner Drop Inn Singapore. But if indeed you lebiihlooking for the cheapest price, the answer Amrise Hotel (though just a bit cheaper).
Now let's see AirBnB. AirBnB is a system in which the individual can rent out the place of residence, either in the form of apartments, houses or privaterooms. Of the system is the owner of the room can make money. Because they require no other expenses such as the hotel need, usually the price of theaccommodation in the hotel is cheaper than AirBnB. In addition, sometimes, if you found a great host can give you tips about the local Singapore.

AirBnB site open after you sign up here to get a $ 20 discount. Enter the intended destinations (Singapore) and the check-in date and number of people who will stay. Click "Search". In the next screen appears a list ofaccommodation that can be filtered. We usually like to shift the slider to theprice range of budget we had. In this case, as an example we enter a maximum price of Rp. 500,000. After sliding the slider, we now have a choice of 39 rooms in Singapore with a price of under Rp. 500,000. AirBnB SingaporePetaSekarang the next consideration is finding a suitable location and had a good rating. We usually don't choose a place that there is no rating or at leastshould've been in-rate 2 or 3 times. We also recommend that you guys aremeticulous in choosing because sometimes there are dormitory rooms listedin the AirBnB. If you guys are indeed willing to search the dorm, better directuse Agoda only, do not need passing AirBnB.

From the list above, 2 rooms that attracted the attention of us one of them in the form of private room that is in the House of seeorang ( at a price of Rp. 348,444 per night (+ Rp 41813 admin fee) in the western part of Singapore. Cheap anyway, but a bit far from the City Center (Orchard Road).
AirBnB Price FinalDan another well room

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