Paradise in the Philippines to face This Beautiful coast of Thailand

Often times, a place that is very interesting to visit is not known to manypeople. In the world, so many hidden paradise that is very foreign.

One such place is in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. El Nido is a village that consists of a beach that is so blue and white sand, your eyes are definitelytermanjakan. Not to mention the wonderful views at sunset and Islandsthat stretches high and looks like a mountain from a distance.

Located far enough away from the hustle of the city residents, one of them reasonably, it appears that El Nido was not popular among thetourists. In fact, after landing at the nearest airport, i.e.Puerto Princessa, you still have to travel about 8 hours.

Road trip is not smooth. Full of waves and is very narrow, so you can imagine how terrible the path taken to reach this hidden paradise.

In El Nido, the trip can be started with a snorkel in hidden lagoon. You will also be brought to enjoy lunch at the secret beach that feels personally belong to.

The water is Very Clear
You can also see the bright blue Bay, as well as the volcano is still active, but its awesome to be seen. When you take a small boat across the ocean, you will realize how blue and beningnya water in there.

In fact, the fish seen clearly, until such a huddle. To forward the ship kayuhan, you will reach the Mainland.

Very pleasant, there is a bar to relax in the land that surrounded the white sand. In fact, this bar complete with musical entertainment that makes your holiday increasingly feels good.

For those of you who want to try to go to El Nido, give referrals. First, book a flight from Manila towards Puerto Princessa. There are two airlines that provide this route, namely Air Asia and Cebu Pacific.

Keep in mind before visiting El Nido, make sure you have a reservation in advance. Usually, there is a series of trips that are offered from the village.

In addition, you can choose Doublegem Resort as a place to stay. In addition to the net, you are guaranteed a welcome rest at the Inn that is because from here you can easily see the beautiful sunset views across the Bay.

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