The Thousand Islands Tour Island Tidung

If you live in an area of Jakarta and its surrounding areas, the location of the island Tidung surely not too far away, Yes. There is no harm in enjoying the holiday weekend with a different atmosphere.

Pulau tidung

The Thousand Islands Tour Island Tidung PULAU TIDUNG  If you usually spend the holiday weekend with driving around the Mall, try occasionally to cross by ferry from the port of Muara Angke or by using a speedboat from Marina Ancol.

Tidung Island, prepare to be amazed at the beauty of the berdecak Island 109 acres. Island Tidung itself is divided into two main parts, namely Island Tidung Island Tidung big and small. Both parts of the island are linked by a bridge which is very phenomenal.

Island Tidung is a citizen. Residents here a lot of the profession as a fisherman, a tour guide or pengelolah. Since becoming a residential area on the island Tidung already built many public facilities such as schools, clinics, markets and also local government offices. The number of residents on the island is the largest number among the Islands in the thousand Islands National Park area.

Across to the island Tidung is small, you can enjoy the incredible natural beauty. In contrast to the Big Island Tidung inhabited by many residents, a small uninhabited Island Tidung. You can enjoy the quiet atmosphere and melupaka your daily routine in urban areas. Here too there are mangrove forests which deliberately developed citizens to avoid abrasion of the beach. The waves are relatively quiet makes you no need to worry if you want to swim.

Pulau tidung

In addition to swimming, there are still many exciting activities you can do here. Since becoming the mainstay attractions, Tidung Island has many facilities that are fun for tourists such as canoes, jetski, banana boat and donut boat. Favorite activities here of course diving and snorkeling.
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Diving and snorkeling in the waters of these sights will be an unforgettable experience. The waters of Island Tidung is very rich with marine life. With diving, you can interact directly with the small fish that swim colorful Frisky and also get in touch with coral diverse shapes and colors which is very pretty.

Snorkel in these sights is not less interesting. You do not need to have the skills to swim or dive to try snorkeling experience. You also do not need to bring your snorkeling tool away from home. Here snorkel gear rental place available, costing just Dollars 35000 you can already use this equipment. If in doubt do this yourself, you can hire a guide service and costs 100,000 Rupiah only.

Touring the Island Tidung can be fun. You can walk to get around the village and interact with the locals or walk to the beaches. If nobody wants to walk, bike rentals are available at a cost of only 15000 Dollars. Want to try a different experience? Try to rent a fishing boat with a price of 400,000 dollars per day. With this boat, you can sail to neighboring islands and also fishing on the high seas. Fun, Yes.

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The best time to visit these sights are between April – October. This is because the weather is nice so that the activity plan you can run well. Another one to keep in mind is these sights there is no ATM machine. So you should carry sufficient amounts of money.

The Bridge Of Love
The bridge of love has become an icon of the island Tidung. 800 metres along the bridge connecting the island Tidung Island Tidung Small and large it became one of the favorite spot the tourists that come to these sights. Every afternoon, a bridge of love filled with many tourists who want to witness the moment of sunset Island Tidung this pretty famous.

The bridge has also become a place of local kids ' freefall ' from a height of about 6 meters. No need to cringe, the children on the island Tidung already doing regular attractions. Plunge with a variety of styles and then swim with the cheerful. You also can take the plunge with them.

Dive from the bridge is also the origin of the name Bridge of love. Supposedly, if you want to quickly find your soul mate, you could try dive and swim here. For the couple, who already has plunged both of you will make a lasting romance and increasingly inseparable.

History Of The Island Tidung
Tung in the local language means ' shelter '. This is because according to the story, the island was used as the location of the hideout of the cruelty of pirates in ancient times. In addition, the island Tidung became the site of the preparation of the strategy of the war when troops attacked Malacca Fatahillah.

According to locals, the island Tidung has become a dwelling place of their ancestors since the 1800s, precisely after the eruption of Krakatoa. Their ancestors the majority worked as fishermen, it became hereditary professions until then Tidung Island became one of the signature attractions. The citizens began to switch professions as a tour guide and open an Inn for tourists coming.
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residence Island Tidung
residence Island Tidung

For accommodation during the island Tidung, you can stay at home or homestay. Most lodging is equipped with air conditioner or AIR CONDITIONING, so you don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable because of the heat. In addition, many Inns also provide meals. With certain fee, you can earn 3 x a day dining facilities.

The streets on the island is small and sometimes a bit of confusion when tourists want to return to the Inn. For that, you should take note of the name of the owner and the number of your House, so you can ask directions to the citizens if trouble.

Gift shop
For the gift shop, you can buy various handcrafted local citizens. Available also as snacks like candied seaweed, chips hot and breadfruit, calamari and candied fruit cereme.

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