Sakura Japan Tour tourism 2015

For the traveler or the traveler Homeland looks like the upcoming year 2015 would be a very happy year. This can be felt because next year there will be some countries exempting visa for CITIZENS when they travelled abroad.

Sakura Japan Tour tourism 2015

One country that freed the visa i.e. Japan. For the immigration process at the international airports in Japan, Japan set a party entitled to visa-free i.e. Indonesia passport that has Identity Card (IC) or passport that has a special chip.

The good news is certainly making the traveler getting ready to enjoy the beauty of Sakura next year. For you who also intends to visit the country of birth of the cartoon character Doraemon, frugal vacation tips following in Japan Sakura.

1. don't ' Peak Season '

How membahagiakannya when heard on a vacation to Japan visa free. But even so, in order to enjoy the holidays and cost effective there are several things you should consider. One of them namely the selection of the right time.

For you who want a vacation-style backpacker aka super saver, it is advisable not to come at Peak season. This was the period when Japan were ramai-ramainya tourists. Peak season usually occurs when the holiday season comes.

If you are visiting at the time, don't expect you can get access to cheap all-round. Because when that peak season ticket prices, lodging and all matters relating to tourism is going up. The automatic will be difficult to downsize.

2. Hotels and Cheap places to eat

The first thing terbesit when on holiday to Japan for sure the accommodation costs are expensive. Before the menginjakan walk in Sakura, try first selecting a place to stay. Try to choose an affordable accommodation scattered in several places in Japan.

Typically, lodging at an affordable price a lot outside the tourist spots. In Tokyo, the area that is filled with cheap hostel there in Shinjuku and Shibuya. Some hotels there started a price of 2,000 Yen or 230 thousand Usd/night.

Any meal costs must be considered. If you are aiming for the enjoy beautiful Japan Libran, no need to taste the food in the restaurant five stars. There are many roadside stalls selling onigiri bento or sold starting from 100 Yen or USD 11 000/fruit to 300 Yen or USD 35 thousand/package.

3. Tour Free

Japan has an awful lot of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and Kyoto, such as the Tokyo Imperial Palace, Imperial Palace Garden, Sento Imperial Palace, and many more. Interestingly, all of these sights can be visited for free alias free.

For travelers who are desperate for capital, this kind of tour will be invaluable when in Japan. Travelers only need to register in order to follow the official tour organized by the Imperial Household Agency, because the only way that you can get into the palaces.

4. The Landmark of the city

Yet valid if a visit to Japan hasn't been a breath of fresh air in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and others. Some of the popular landmarks, such as the Tokyo Tower Skytree Tokyo nor indeed could not be accessed for free.

But not the man his name otherwise memiliiki ingenuity. For menyiasatinya, you can come to a variety of landmark but not to go to the berbayarnya. Simply take photos around the site of the landmark course, and capture the beautiful moments of Sakura.

Other solutions, visit landmarks that can be accessed for free. One example is the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, and Fushimi Inari-Taisha in Kyoto.

5. the Free Event

If you're lucky and come at the right time. You can taste typical food of Japan. The things you can do when you attend an event of such edgy matsuri (festival of typical Japan).

In addition to the typical culinary could feel the matsuri. You also engage directly in festive local culture.

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