Sanih or Water tours Sanih in Bali the island of gods

Air Sanih tourist in Bali the island of gods Indonesia-Air Sanih or commonly called by Yeh Sanih is a tourist place located about 17 km from the city of Singaraja, Bali. Air Sanih is a place for bathing with water sources. According to the legend it was said Air Sanih is a place for bathing for the young couple. And according to the belief of the local people, this source of water has its origins from the Lake Batur located hundreds of kilometers away from Air Sanih. The flowing water from this source is often used for Hindu religious ceremonies. On this site you can also find the diujukkan temple to the God Vishnu.

Sanih or Water tours Sanih in Bali the island of gods

Tourism tirta is a natural swimming pool which is located in the village of Kubutambahan Sub-district Sanih roughly about 17 Km to the East of the city of Singaraja. Air Sanih is famous for its water source which appears endless from the southeast corner of the pool. As in his Eyes water flowing in the Air Sanih is the flow of the River in the soil that came from the Lake

Air Sanih public bath tour features two outdoor pools, one for adults and one for children. Is a few metres from the North Sea surrounded by both relatively safe for swimming and water sports activities the other or just simply to lie down and lazing on the sand beaches are black. Diskitar Air Sanih attractions already available a few small Inn and restaurant as well as a parking area for several support facilities.

 Air Sanih tourist in Bali the islands

In addition you can bathe in the Air Sanih and visiting Lovina Beach Resort, here also there are areas where to make a pilgrimage to the Catholic people i.e. Goa Maria Air Sanih located relatively close to the attractions of Air Sanih. If you want to head into the caves, you just simply passing a small bridge. The distance is approximately and is just 20 metres from the kananya there are also instructions Pakraman, Banjar Yeh Sanih. And not too far from there Goa Maria Air Sanih is already visible.

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