The beauty of the hills of Karimunjawa Joko Tuwo

From above a height of approximately 150 mdpl Hill presented a beautiful view of the Islands that exist in the area such as Karimunjawa Menjangan Island small and large. Delights of the sunset at dusk into the closing day of the presence on the Hill. This is the Hill of Joko Tuwo, hills in the area of natural landscape with point Karimunjawa.

Breezy still small voice as being a loyal friend when visitors  Hills at the foot of Joko Tuwo. as far as the eye can see will be presented a view that makes such a view spoiled by the natural beauty of Karimunjawa. View of the ship crossing the ocean fro Karimunjawa district one of the interesting sights here.

To be menginjakan feet in the hills of Joko Tuwo, visitors must walk. The distance from the starting point of the square about 3 Km with a mileage of approximately 15 minutes. The travel lane uphill with shady trees around him give freshness and coolness of its own during the journey to Bukit Joko Tuwo. On his way to Bukit Joko Tuwo, visitors will pass through the Flower Hill Karimunjawa can be used as a place to rest when tired.

The beauty of the hills of Karimunjawa Joko Tuwo

In addition, in view of the presence of the Hill Joko Tuwo also we can see Whale bones that have a length of about 12 meters and is situated around the hills. The skeleton of a whale by famous people with the name Joko Tuwo. At first glance, when seen frame is similar to the wood sculpture was man-made, however this is the original framework of the whale skeleton. Visitors can also see a giant-sized Rosary has a weight of about 1 ton. Until now the citizens around Karimun Java still discussing about the presence of beads made of natural stone

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