The beauty of the island Samalona in the Earth of Makassar

The beauty of the island Samalona in the Earth of Makassar, The archipelago has many thousands of the beautiful island. The Islands were run from Sabang to Merauke in the unitary Republic of Indonesia. One of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia, is owned by Samalona. The island is in the eastern Indonesia region, precisely in the area of the administration of the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi.

To go to the Samalona Island, visitors must traverse a distance of about 2 km by boat motor. Boat rental services can be found in the harbour city of Makassar that is located not far from the beach Losari. Traffic on the pier are always busy. Because, not only does this pier serving the tourists who want to visit the island, but also serves the citizens and merchants of traffic.

The beauty of the island Samalona in the Earth of Makassar

Boat rental prices vary, depending on the purpose and nature of the rental. There are two boat rental properties, namely private or public nature. The definition of a private motor boats for rent here in full and will accompany travelers to visit is completed. Rent a boat towards the island personally Samalona Rp 500,000 – will be cheaper if visitors bargaining price. Whereas if common, tourists will join the other passengers that a destination and return in accordance with the prescribed hours. Of course with different rental rates.

From the city of Makassar, the journey to the island of Samalona by using the speed boat takes around 30 minutes. When arriving on the island of Samalona, the visitor will be greeted the white sand and crystal clear sea water. I was so crystal clear, visitors can see the beautiful coral reefs right off the top of the boat.

The island Samalona is increasingly shrinking from year to year. At the end of 2012, the island is only about 2 hectares. Although the island is small, with a variety of supporting facilities, such as lodging, room rinse, and tavern. If visitors want to see the underwater beauty, also available rental services tools complete diving and snorkeling tours if desired. Tools rent snorkel Rp 50,000 to Rp 100,000, depending on the visitor's cleverness in the bid price.

Its view of the underwater Island Samalona be famous around the world. No wonder if every day there are always tourists both local and foreigners like myself to come to the island. If your tired of playing water rivals the tavern, please. In this store, there is a refined regional cuisine, such as grilled fish and crabs.

Samalona island is an archipelago owned wealth must be preserved and conserved. Do not let the promotion tour is being digencarkan thus the more damaging its natural island. Moreover, many believe that the island of Samalona is always shrunk from year to year is believed to be submerged in the year 2020

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