Visit to the beautiful island of Danau Toba

Visit to the beautiful island of Danau Toba

As one of the popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, Lake Toba always attracts local and international traveler. Don't be surprised, Lake Toba does have a very beautiful scenery with a stretch of crystal clear water of the Lake and cool green mountain views.

Visit to the beautiful island of Danau Toba Medan INDONESIA

100 kilometres long and 30 kilometres wide, is the largest lake of Lake Toba in Indonesia. More boasting again, Lake Toba is also the world's largest volcanic

As it is situated at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, Lake Toba became tourist attractions that are suitable if you want to unwind and refreshing because the air is cool and fresh. You can also enjoy the beauty of nature here in various ways such as mountain climbing, swimming, boating or other activities. Not to mention, you can visit Samosir island located in the middle of the Lake and has a panoramic view of the not less beautiful.

But, before having fun on Lake Toba, surely you need to prepare a journey to the most popular tourism destinations in North Sumatra. The journey to Lake Toba is indeed quite long. After the ' fly ' into the Field, you have to travel for approximately 4 hours to Parapat. But actually, a traveler can also utilize Silangit Airport located in North Tapanuli Regency, because the airport is just a 30-minute drive to Lake Toba and Samosir island into one hour. Silangit Airport later in 2014 will reportedly be made international airports in order to accommodate more tourists.

Visit to the beautiful island of Danau Toba indonesia

You will find plenty of lodging along the banks of the Lake, starting from the guest house, villa, bungalows and hotels, so you won't need to headache thinking about the problem of accommodation. What about the food? Well, you won't ' hunger ' for Lake Toba as many restaurants serving local cuisine along the main street. Typical cuisine of North Sumatra Padang cuisine similar to his own, because the rich taste, bersantan and the majority have a spicy taste.

In addition to enjoying the spectacular Lake Toba pemanangan and surrounding areas, you can also find other interesting destinations. Probably not many know if Lake Toba also has beaches, namely Lumban Binaga Beach.

Of course, a visit to Lake Toba would not be complete without crossing over to Samosir island. Here, you can visit two districts that are popular with tourists and Tomok IE Tuk.


There are three places that you visit during Tomok: Doll The Gale-Gale, Tomb of King Sidabutar, and Batak Museum. A puppet show The Gale-Gale usual displayed along with dance performances Tor Tor. While, in the tomb of King Sidabutar you can see huge carved stone tomb-shaped face with a longish hair typical of the King.

If Tomok full of interesting sights, Tuk is a town filled with lodging place. So, if you want to immediately unwind when you arrive on the island of Samosir,

Not satisfied exploring Lake Toba? You can explore the town of Parapat and visit a number of interesting tourist attractions. Including a hanging Stone is unique because its shape resembles that of a human. Allegedly, this stone is believed to be the reincarnation of a beautiful girl named Chrysanthemum. According to local legend, She attempted suicide leap into Lake Toba as it does not want to was betrothed by her parents. But while walking towards the cliff, he's mired in a big hole and decided to end his life in stone. The stone eventually squeeze the body she was so now you can see a large stone that resembles the body of a girl who seems to hang on the edge of a cliff.

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