Panorama Sea Temple Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa

Panorama sea Temple Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa,Vihara Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa in the area of Loji Kertajaya Village, sub-district of exactly Simpenan, Sukabumi, West Java, is a unique place of worship. Not just used as a place of worship, the monastery became a distinasi of interest to tourists. Its location above a hill, making the monastery has beautiful sea views and exotic.

25 km from the harbor Queen and 80 km from the town of Sukabumi, the monastery has another name for the goddess of Kwan Im Temple and Monastery built a factory on the initiative of the citizens of Thailand named Anotahi Kamonwathin The woman also known as Mama Airin this dream itself had to build the monastery is located on the shore of the sea. He believed that the temple appears in his dreams ever built, precisely at the time of the Qing dynasty. However the monastery was lost over time.

The effort begins with finding a vacant lot to build the shrine. The search starts from Thailand, up to entry into Indonesia. The area of the South and the unfortunate pun had become a target but the results obtained for the zero. Until Mama Airin got word that there is a plot of land located in the port area of the Queen heart Mama Airin was pleased because of the lay of the land is very similar to what is seen in his dreams. Eventually, the monastery was built to finish on August 8, 2000.

Enter the gate of the temple, visitors will find a statue of a dragon-headed seven with its tail protruding upward. The carving of the dragon has a characteristic golden color with a unique style of carving of Thailand.

Panorama Sea Temple Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa

Enter more into, visitors will climb the stairs the number reaches 500 stairs. At all levels there are statues of the goddess of the Earth and the Buddha July. Getting to the top, visitors will find again the altar decorated with the statues of the gods goddesses On the main altar a statue of Sun Go Kong and his teacher. From this altar sea view is already beginning to look. The blue sea into a pretty dish to dipandangi visitors at the monastery is located in Sukabumi.

The monastery also has an altar is not like usual. If monasteries generally post gods and goddesses but here there are altars, altar Prabu Siliwangi Semar, the most unique is the altar for Nyi Roro Kidul.

Altar of Nyi Roro Kidul made specifically in a wooden building that resembles a House. This altar is equipped with beds and dressers that are devoted to the sovereign of the seas south of it. This altar is also dominated by the color green, the color being characteristic of Nyi Roro Kidul. Uniquely again, inside the altar there is a work desk President Sukarno with his picture.

The monastery is also put up pictures of Loji Islamic scholars at the building's corners Nyi Roro Kidul. In addition, there are photographs of the King and Queen of Thailand which in its center there is a painting of Nyi Roro Kidul.

According to officials, Mama Airin believe Nyi Roro Kidul was the son of the King and Queen of Thailand. While building on the outside view of the blue sea into a beautiful landscape to behold

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