Turtle Island Of Tanjung Benoa

Turtle Island of Tanjung Benoa, have you ever heard of or maybe you've been to this place? If you've never been on a trip to this place, then there should have been reading our article, about tourist attractions on the island of turtles in Bali. Turtle Island of Tanjung Benoa

Turtle Island Of Tanjung Benoa INDONESIA

There are various ways the Government does to protect rare animals whose number was already on the wane. One of the rare animals that are protected habitats are green turtles. Tourism object Bali Tanjung Benoa water, in addition to providing Bali watersport, also provides tour packages travelled to Turtle Island at Tanjung Benoa and see Marine Park offshore. Object of Turtle Island at Tanjung Benoa, managed by community based organizations of Tanjung Benoa, who previously worked mostly as fishermen.

Glass Bottom Boat Bali

Families who bring little kids, try a tour package is very suitable Turtle Island of Tanjung Benoa. As far as the 300-500 meter tourists invited to the middle of the sea. You will be guided up the motor boat that underneath it there is a clear glass. From the top of the boat, you can enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery without having to dive. Coral reefs, an assortment of ornamental fish, marine plants and marine animals other very awake kelestariaanya. Don't forget to bring bread, so that the kids can feed the fish that were swimming over the top of the boat. This travel lasted about 15 minutes. glass bottom boat

Once satisfied to look and feed the fish, then the trip will continue to Turtle Island at Tanjung Benoa, which travels time for 15 minutes. The beautiful beach of Tanjung Benoa with ships that were unloading, the aircraft took off as well as the cheap hotels to 5-star, you can enjoy in a motor boat.

After arriving at Turtle Island, the guide will be happy to invite you to look around the green turtles. Children will be introduced to how to keep the turtles, turtles will incubate telornya, egg sea turtle hatchlings, as well as the turtles that are already hundreds of years old. Don't forget to perpetuate these activities with berfoto-foto along with the turtles. In place of this turtle breeding, you may also encounter other animals. Such as monkeys, snakes, birds, bird's brother, and the bat. The guide will be happy to accompany you to take pictures along with the animals.

Turtle Island of Tanjung Benoa, Bali tourism places for recreation of children. Tourism is more didactic and add insight to your child.

During the one-hour visit to Turtle Island of Tanjung Benoa, the trip will be followed by a return to the dock, the ship escorted the boat look before. The kids certainly happy with this activity. Tourism is more didactic and adds insights children about water environment and the animals who have been rare of its existence.

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